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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Here is another journal entry from my past. About the same time frame as the last one. Roughly 2 and half years.

"Lately I've been thinking of death. Not just the finality of it but the actual act of dying. I mean what is it like to die of a heart attack? What goes through one's mind? Is it panick? euphoria from the lack of blod to the brain? Pain(other than the initial bout)? Sadness? What memories are present? Is the 'tunnel' just the minds way of dealing with death? Maybe I don't believe in an afterlife. There's no heaven, hell, re-incarnation or incarnation. We are just very complex orgamisms designed to reproduced, nothing more. "

Looks like I was having a morbid day. Pretty stanger. I still do not understand why as an society fear death so bitterly we are even hesitant to talk about. If someone mentions the tipocs then it is a 'warning sign'. Why can't it be a time for celebration like in past times. I want a viking barriel. Laid down, on fire & set afloat out to the ocean. Or barried in a coffin made of one-way mirrors. Ok, I'm vain:) Western culture sure has an 'out of sight, out of mind' philosophy on everything. Stupid way to go about everything if you ask me, and I know, you didn't :)


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