Breathing a sigh of relief

Sunday, November 21, 2004

I think it is finally done! After spending the whole of yesterday locked in my room with a couple of ice packs freezing my skin off. I think they are done for now! Ya-hoo. I swear they were never going to leave me. All I had to endure was a week of unrelenting agony, non-stop nightmares and a seizure to top it all off. One of the stranger weeks I have to admit.

So the BC Lions lost the Grey Cup. Least it gives Vancouverites something to complain about. Sports radio was getting a tad dull. Now since the owners and players could care less about getting back to playing hockey. Would not be surprised if this time next year the players weren't back on the ice, in North America I mean. Not showing the world that they are more than willing to work for alot less money in other countries. And taking jobs away from other players who need the money more. The apittamy of selfishness I think. And here I used to look forward to hockey season. Oh well.

I'm scared to head off to bed in case the pain comes back with the sunrise. I would love to stay up all night enjoying being pain-free. But I am far far too tired and really have to emotionally recover. Cheerio


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