Can't go outside!!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Stupid tar! A roof is being re-done across the street and the roofers have a huge tanker of hot tar for their use. I am too afraid to open the windows, even to let the cat out, for fear of the smell triggering a cluster. Tar is a trigger smell for me. Let's see, moth balls stinking up the apartment from below or opening the windows to get some fresh tar air? hmm close call. But I think I will stick to covering up the moth balls for now and hopefully get a chance to air out the place later. Guess I will have to wait for a bit to return the movies.

Now there is something I have been doing alot of. Watching movies. With this monthly membership we can rent up to 3 movies a night. I haven't seen this many bad movies in ages :) 'B' movies are great! Even though independent, semi-low budget movies are my favourite. I'm more interested in the story. Especially one that deal with controversial topics. Ones Hollywood can't and won't make thanks to the censors and lank of intelligent people willing to see them. Takes all types to be entertained.


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