Did it again..

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Missed another appointment. This time I arranged to buy monitor. Everything was arranged & all that was left was pick it up from a seemingly nice woman's place. Fate really doesn't want me to get back to my own computer. Only 2 hours till I was to meet her & then I get knocked-out. Seizures hit me again. Now that is everyday for the past 2 weeks. So far I have bitten my tongue, inner cheek, bottom and top lip and chip another tooth. Not to mention my body feels like a pretzel. I even managed to injury my back doing a bout somehow.

I have to admit, I do like the 'morning seizures'. The dreams are immensely intense. Like nothing I have experienced to date. Heck, this morning I broke out in a smile during a dream. Can't remember for the life of me what it involved. Must have been something good:)(probably thinking about the monitor lol) Maybe it was because I felt Mindy beside me, holding me. Sure can't beat waking up in a way better than that! I don't normally have reactions to dreams. Least not till these lastest morning bouts arrived.

The attacks wouldn't be so bad if the after effects were milder & quit biting my tongue so often. It's beginning to hurt. Plus the comatose-like exhaustion is something I could do without. I think first thing tomorrow I will head to the walk-in since I can't make it to my gp's. Far too dangerous for me to drive right now. Guess I'll be back on the 'No driving for 6 months after your last attack' program. great......sounds like a blast:( {can you sense my enduring sarcasm}. Anyways, that is all for tonight or early this morning. However, you look at it I'm off to bed.


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