No Real Sleep

Monday, November 22, 2004

Well I did go to bed pretty much right after I finished up with my blog. However, going to bed & getting rest are two completely different animals.

I headed off hoping for a sweet nights' slumber. Grabbed my ice packs, pulled the blanklets back then went to grab the cat(She loves to sleep with us). Now as soon as I put her into bed, the cat that is, she wanted to lay on me. She wouldn't even let me cover myself. Talk about impatient. Reminds me of me :) So much for sleep I thought. No matter how many times I pushed her off she kept coming back again & again. Normally I don't mind. Lately she has been falling asleep on me. Kind of a comforting feeling. I still like babies better. Now there's a sensation I truly miss. 'Specially when they crawl up under your chin.

By this point I am so restless I have given up on sleeping. So I nudge Jewel on to Mindy's pillow, above her head. Hoping not having her on me will do the trick. Of course Jewel decides to lay ass-end to me. Least now I can roll over. But it didn't take her long to shove it in Mindy's face. lol. I probably shouldn't tell Mindy she does that. She is already jealous enough when Jewel is around me:) Next thing I know it is 2am, then 2:15, 2:30, 2:45 and so on. This went on for the rest of the night. However, Mindy brought me back to life with a massage. It's hard to tell just how still and sore one is until your muscles are rubbed, then kick back. There are worse ways to wake. Being woken up by a massage it one of the best ways:)

So that was my dull night. I'll probably end up having to have a bit of a nap later. Bye for now


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