Short Sleep

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The maintenance guy is supposed to come by sometime today to fix the problems I mentioned to them LAST month. I seriously cannot wait till Mindy is finish school. Then we are outta here!(hopefully) Don't know where exactly. Wherever there is work and where the climate & location doesn't increase the pain too dramatically.

Of course instead of heading off after I posted last night, like I should have, maybe take a sleeping pill to get me back on a normal schedule. I spent most of the night researching about seizures. I didn't find anything really different than what I knew before. Sure wish I owned a 3-d model of a brain to label the areas where everything lies. Extremeties are controlled here, vision here and so on. That would be kind of cool. I used to have an 'invisible man' when I was younger. Basically it was a clear figureine model about 18 inches in height with all the organs showing. They were all removeable so I was able to see what goes where. Let's see I was still in elementary school at the time so I must have been 10? when my parents gave it to me. Too bad the combination of wear & tear and brittle plastic did him in. Maybe I will get back into science models again(I've always been a geek at heart:) That was kind of cool. I love biology, physics, math, of hell most of the sciences.

Too bad my school was shit. I was never taught geometry, for example, till grade 10 due to all the teachers strikes. Guess they are really doing it for the kids, huh? We had semesters for 1 year at the school on a trial bases. Guess what? They terminated it. Not because of the students having problems it. Grade averages up. Skipping was way down, less kids dropped out and grade 12 students were getting a edge for University because most schools still do the the archaic 7-8 all year. However all that positive education had to be stopped. The teachers contract said they have to have so many free class blocks a week to mark homework and prep for classes. What? Did I miss something? Did they not realize when they went through school they might have a bit of homework to mark? Why can't they stay 8-4 like everyone else? Yes prepping sucks. Marking sucks. But so does preparing presentations for meetings and arranging appointments for the next day. I'll let them on a bit of a secret. IT'S PART OF THE JOB! All the this they are crying "We are going on strike for your kids benefit". I hope no one believes that crap any more.


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