Late night

Friday, May 14, 2004

Since the night will probably be a long one I thought a video was in order for tonight. Noam Chomsky(I never knew he had a video). Love him or hate he makes you think and hopefully question the way things are. As it should be.
Anyways, my dr. and I are trying to lower(and off some completely) the doses of some of my meds. Its so hard for to find a happy balance of meds when dealing with chronic non-malignant pain. He reduced my Inderal(propranolol) down to 120mg from 160. Hopefully it'll minimize the lethargy without too much discomfort. Though all day it has felt like all the blood is rushing to my head. Kind of like being turned upside down for too long.
I shouldn't complain about meds being lowered. Most sufferers takes on average 5 years(just from chats and articles I've read. Could be longer or shorter. Your mileage may vary) to get any sort of relief. I've done alright in comparison. It did take 18 months to get some sort of relief other than an icepack.
But I'm ranting, hence my page, and I need to go to bed.



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