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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Yesterday went well with Mindy's birthday. It was wonderful to see her smile when I gave her 'Kill Bill'(I have this funny feeling that I will be able to memorize the lines in less than a fortnight:). She's been so stressed with exams etc... lately. Not too much longer. We watched the movie 'Miracle' and relaxed. Its quite good. Too bad it wasn't Team Canada!
I was mostly pain free yesterday & today. But a little on the grouchy side off and on. Thankfully that hasn't lasted. Its more from the 'oh-no! not again' mentality of feeling the start of an attack coming on, though it never became much of anything. A low score of 2 on the ol' 'Kip Scale'. Thank god!
For those that don't know the Kip Scale was written by a Cluster sufferer named Bob Kipple. I've never met him or talked to him but this chart is so very true to what a CH sufferer goes through and the different levels of pain. A Recommended read for anyone that knows a sufferer! Much better than the pain scale Dr.'s tend to ask you. 10 being the worst pain you've ever felt and 1 being the lowest(they never quite believe you when you say 10 and its non-malignent). The scale can be found at (you can also click the link on the right). Pain is a very individual perception. But its still something that doesn't need to be felt, at least not on this level. I'll get far deeper into that debate once I get my website up and running. Take Care.



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