Humour is reason gone mad

Saturday, June 12, 2004

I miss my sense of humour. It might be a little dry and I'm probably the only one getting the joke. I love saying things that are absurb in a way its taken seriously. I know I shouldn't to burst out laughing in someones face when they take something I intend as a joke as a means to start an argument. How can I not? I spend more time saying "its a joke", "relax", or "calm down" than having them laugh at the desert-like dryness of a wise-crack. Maybe if I laugh or smiled at it when it was being said might make it go over a tad smoother:) Ah, its more interesting this way and it is only funny to me :) .(If you need to explain the joke, then your audience doesn't keep up to date!)

I swear I must be setting some sort or record for sleep the last little while. Unconsciousness takes me but I feel no rest. The constant change of weather is a huge enemy. Pain, of course is another. Stress too is at its highest in ... well.. lets just say very a long time. The clusters are coming back to the 1am start time(I'm just talking about the nightshift folks). They've changed schedule on me! Used to be 3am, well lately. Part of the problem is that I rarely take my Zopiclone(immovane) anymore. A half tab now, instead of the usual 3-4(x7.5mg). I thought the exhaustion could be from those. However, I am reverting to sleep patterns reminiscent of pre-zopiclone days. eg no straight sleep, no dreams, always drained. Chronic pain is a 24/7 job and I need all the strength I can get to fight it. I leave you with the quote by someone I highly admire, Mohandas Gandhi.
"If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide."
As anyone who is chronically ill knows, humour is one of your biggest allies, even though the bastard is sick and twisted. G'night



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