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Monday, June 21, 2004

Last few days have been absolutely fantastic! My attacks are next to none. I had one and it was very manageable. Its amazing how my clusters evaporate when the weather is at a constant. No clouds or wind(at least not enough to be a problem). Just blue skies! I am so excited about not being sore that I'm completely re-organzing my place. I don't think Mindy is to thrill with it. Sorry sweetie, has to be done :) I'm on cloud 9. The only minor drawback is my meds tend to work too fast and not for as long as they should. That is pretty minor and I'm DEFINATELY willing to tolerate it. I having an hard time settling down. I love this type of insomnia. Beats bashing my head into a wall or getting frostbite from the over use of ice packs. Its time to go and cuddle with the mrs. Maybe wear off some of this energy if she's not asleep :) Night everyone!

ps If you want a great game to watch and PLAY go to a Lacrosse game. Best and fastest game around! BC Lacrosse

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