Thursday, June 24, 2004

Insomnia once a again. I don't know if its really insomnia. Thats what I get for sleeping all day! I was feeling great then this morning there was a shift in weather and BAM. Ice pick city! I'm so amazed how that affects me so. After hours of having frozen my neck and eye with ice I decided I need to move! Someplace where its dry and warm. Unfortuneately I can't think of any place in Canada where its like that year round. I know I could function like a regular human being if it weren't for the unstable weather. This summer I'm going to eliminate every trigger I have control of. I'm really going to miss chocolate:( . Its just not worth it anymore. I know what I'm like when I'm not wanting to run my head into a concrete wall. I miss being that person. I miss the social life, I miss co-workers coming to me when they have a problem programming or builing a computer. Now I'm just the person who has a powerfully painful chronic health issue that can't be seen. Maybe I should become a recluse. Saves the pain of me wanting to be part of society and avoiding people tell me there is nothing wrong.
I really have to get my ass in gear (as my grandma would say) and work on my website so I can integrate this. That will allow me to do so much more. Maybe I'll be able to help someone understand what a clusterhead goes through. G'night



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