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Monday, July 05, 2004

Later that day...
I did some thinking about having to delete the last comment on July 3rd. It was removed because there were personal attacks on myself about medical issues in my past that were false. They are sensitive subjects. Also I wanted to make sure I know who it was, just in case it was a troll(somebody I don't know). Though that is highly doubtful considering the person named things that have never been mentioned online. Logically, it make it someone I know. Obviously, she didn't read the whole post on the 3rd of July. She sure didn't understand what I was getting at. The fact it is someone I know, who does not want to even leave their name to it, is the saddest part of all. Cowards hide behind anonymity.

My blogs are for me to express what I'm going through. If another cluster sufferer happens to read these, maybe they won't feel alone. That there are other sufferers fighting this demon. Who knows it might even lead someone in the right direction to get help so they don't have to wait so long for treatment. The site is for me to rant. If a visitor isn't interested then they can click the 'back' button on their browser. No worries. I would like the person who made that comment to come forward, so to speak, & contact me so I can understand why expression of my feelings is wrong. I invite you to Rant with me.


The satirist shoots to kill while the humourist brings his prey back alive and eventually releases him again for another chance.
-Peter De Vries



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*Please do not use this information for self diagnoses. Writing about my experiences with chronic cluster headaches & epilepsy is a good outlet for me. Consult your Dr. with any kind of headache or chronic pain you may have. The 3rd party links on my site I have found to be a good resource to me over the past few years & dearly hope they will benefit you as well.*

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