Sunday, July 11, 2004

After 6 days I'm finally feeling up to posting. The demon had me up against the wall & caused me to squeeze my icepack that it exploded. I have to quit doing that or at least find something more versatile. Funny thing is I didn't notice the holes till after I woke up. Now I have 5 days+ of housework to get done before the next attack. What a waste of a pain-free day(so far, it's still early).

I think the stress of all this has finally gotten to Mindy. Being the spouse of a chronic cluster sufferer is no easy task that's for sure. Must be a helpless feeling. Sort of like me waiting for the demon to come(What waiting? It never ends!). I wish the demon had a face. I would like to see what's going to kill me.

I'm going to have end this now. My demon is on the clock. Hopefully I'll update later.

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The Key




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