Another good day

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Go figure. That's 2 days in a row that have been relatively pain free. I fought off the shadows for a bit this afternoon but other than that things have gone quite well. I know yesterday my body must have been producing too many endorphin for the occasion because I had the 'after injury euphoria' all day. It's similar to a 'runner's high'. I felt absolutely no pain. A little uncomfortable at times, I'm not used to it. My body must be in shock knowing it is not sore.

However, I was able to get some cleaning done, moved my desk around and scouted out prices for new computer parts, did some reading etc... For the first time in a long time I had a full-filling day. Maybe its because I bitched so much in my last rant.

My elbow is still giving me trouble. I re-injuried it for the 10,000th time the other day while working out. The swelling is not subsidding and is still tender to the touch. I never even banged it on anything. Just locked up on me. It is an old lacrosse injury. Years ago I was supposed to have surgery to get it cleaned out due to re-occurring damage to the cartilidge. But it was in the middle of the season and there was no way I was going to miss a game from swollen, locking elbows(yes its both of them. that's what I get for not wearing elbow pads). I think I'll bring it up next time I see the doc. What else am I going to do with me time? Recover?


Pain upsets and destroys the nature of the person who feels it.



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