Sunday, August 15, 2004

Doesn't anxiety suck? I'm feeling like a drank one to many mochas before bed(I only have a cup in the morning to drive my stomach crazy). I haven't had a solid cycle of sleep in 3 days! It is 3am and I having to go back to taking a couple of Zopiclone. I mean its great for sleep. However with amnesia being a major side-effect for me, it can make things a tad interesting. Least for everyone around me. On the other hand it's great during a cycle. Who wants to remember pain?

God, I would give almost anything to have my former, pain-free life back. I know I have to play the hand I'm delt. It would be nice to get an ace every now and again.


Why do we persist in this distinction between mental and physical pain when pain is always an emotional experience?

-I can't remember who said that. Maybe Marni Jackson?



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