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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Finally my computer is working again. 4 days of re-installing & tweaking. Things run so much smaller now. It was the first time I wiped everything clean in almost a year. That might sound very long but for 'Windows' thats for too long. Plus the amount of playing around with code I do I thought it would have crashed a long time ago.

I saw my dr. today. Not being in the best of moods I didn't have much to say. Just hi and bye. There's no point saying I've spent the last week and a bit in unrelenting agony. Then having him flip through my file and say 'let's keep things the way they are'. The stupid thing about this particular attack switched sides on me. This cycle has been back and forth. I think I have only ever had 2 other cycles that were like this one. And it is very, very painful. My right eye is not as used to the pain. How do you make it stop?

With malignent pain one can 'battle' to stay alive. Here with clusters, I know I there is no need to worry about my white blood cells being too high or catching the flu for fear of making it worse. Somedays I really wish the pain is caused by some previously undiagnosed rare deadly disease. Then the outcome is clear. Either the disease wins or I fight it off. With nothing to fight, the pain is feels endless.


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