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Monday, August 23, 2004

Here it is 3 days later & not only did the msg cause a cluster cycle but a migraine one as well. I haven't had this combination since I was unfortunate enough to first develop the cycles. I forgot the pain of a throbbing headache. Not to mention being nauseous all day. Thankfully I haven't been physical sick yet but I sure feel like it is in the mail.

I have all the windows & doors closed (the change in air pressure really aggravates my migraines) because a low pressure system has replaced all the beautiful weather we've been having with abysmal dark clouds and rain. Weather reports say not to look for any changes in the coming week. Since the weather is not co-operating I feel like a prisoner in my place, more than usually. We like to have are windows open as much as possible to enjoy the fresh air instead rather than the stagnant, recycled air of an apartment.

The combination is driving Mindy nuts. She's a prisoner too. Worried that by going on the patio or opening a window will cause me pain, which it will. Migraines can be triggered by changes in pressure but usually it is either from flying or mountainous drives instead of depressurizing a home. Thankfully this trigger can be 'control' with the help of antiepileptic medications like Topamax. Something I can't take of course.

One good side of this particular set of migraines, with patch pain is fairly minimal (I'm able to type this aren't I:). Just make sure I have some bread or crackers to keep the nausea down. Maybe I'll update later if I'm feeling better. Cheers,


There is no sadder sight than a young pessimist.
-Mark Twain



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