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Saturday, September 11, 2004

I'll be building my computer in the next few days. I can't wait! I always get so exciting when I build new toys. Building computers has been one of my favourite hobbies, especially when there are for me:). Ever since I taught my self how a number of years ago, before it became trendy to do so. I have it all pretty much decided on. Took me more than a couple of hours to research the top individual parts, the combinations that would work for me and of course cost. Wouldn't an unlimited budget be the greatest? 'Course then I would spend all my time researching and designing rather than building:) Researching is almost as much fun as enjoying the fruits of my work, but not quite:) Least now I'll be able to run programs without my pc chugging to a hault.

I added a bit of advertising to my blog. I hope this will bring in some BADDLY needed revenue. Right now I'm brainstorming every idea I can think of to help me financially. I wish the attacks would go away long enough to have a steady job, even part time. Anything is better than nothing. If only there is a way to predict where & when a cycle will hit. I have taken a number of jobs since my first cycle. Most were because I wanted to feel useful. Others were out of absolute necessity because some of my family kicked me out onto the streets without understanding what I am going through. That only led to a destruction of my self-esteem and loss of reputation because I am unable to do what is required of me. Losing a job sucks. Never had that happen before my clusters. Experiences I never want again. So maybe if you can click a link or two help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers,


You must do the things, you think you cannot do
-Eleanor Roosevelt



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