A do nothing day

Monday, September 27, 2004

No real attacks today:) Went to the library and dropped off a whole stack of books about chronic pain and headaches. Can't stand to read that subject anyone. I have read shelves upon shelves on pain. Now I find myself reading so called new methods for dealing with pain seem to be a cut and paste job from previous books/articles I've already read. Same o' same ol'. Not surprisely no real progress from sufferers of intense chronic pain.

I headed to the mall for a bit. Grabbed a shoe brush, some overly priced shampoo & conditioner that I love and scouted out a couple of deals(be back there tomorrow). Then ended up at subway where I order the wrong bloody sub. Funny part is I never noticed it till I started in with the indestion. Yuck! processed subway tuna. Usually I pay close attention to what I eat. My mind was some where on the great beyond today. Here's a fun addicting game called Bowman. A like it. Good way to kill a few minutes:)


I rant, therefore I am.
-Dennis Miller



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