Finally! And it's mostly setup

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

My new computer is up & running! And it only took me 4 days lol. First day I was too exhausted to finish setting up everything. The exhaustion carried over through saturday and brought along a couple of clusters as companions. Sunday I did a bit installing & adjusting till we left for my sister's 22nd birthday dinner. Happy Birthday Yvonne! By the time we arrive back at home I was in a 'long drive daze' as I call it. Never seem to be able to do much after that. On Monday I finally had everything set up. Flicked the switch and nothing but a couple of fans whirling. Great! This happens everytime I buy electronics. Doesn't matter if it is speakers, tv's, stereos, or a blender. At least one component is D.O.A. Thankfully, I bought my computer parts at a place a used to work several years ago. He exchanged the motherboard with no questions asked. He knows I'm hard on my computers but this time it wasn't my fault.. really. Shameless plug for my favourite computer place:)Elitech Computers.

Now it's time to re-install the programs. I can't believe the speed increase. I'm almost done and this would have normally taken days on my old machine, which I'm going to either make it into a file/print-server or a home made router/firewall combo. Photoshop is going to love the increase. No more waiting 10 minutes for a filter to apply. Thank you so much Mindy for making this possible! Love you Sweetie!

Too bad I waited so long to get this system together. This has been the first chance I had to adjust my site. Last thing I did before I went offline was add some adds from google(Please click on or two to help me out. I would really appreciate it) Though since I added the ads google everything has been looking a bit wonky. With Internet Explorer the page didn't display correctly, looked awful if you ask me. But with good ol' FireFox everything looked fine. I totally recommend everyone downloading it if they haven't already done so. Superior to Explorer in so many ways. Once you've tried tabbed browsing you'll never go back!


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