Upside down and Inside out

Thursday, September 09, 2004

It's all backwards. My sleep cycle and attacks that is. Here it is 2:30am and I have been up for an hour. AND it wasn't caused by a cluster. Go figure. Ever since I had that run in with the MSG in my soy sauce things have been a little different.

For one, my attacks have become less frequent. Usually attacks between 1-3 am & pm and whatever hour the demon decides on being mean. But now, most days all I have are the 1-3 attacks. And on a few rare occassions I might not even have that. The shadows are not there as much. This is something I'm definately not used too! I'll adapt:) For the most part, all I had were shadows between attacks. To have no pain in between is completely foreign to me. It's been so long in coming. I just hope this isn't a temporary thing. I don't know if I'll be able to go back now that I remember what it's like to be pain-free(for the most part)and being able to think straight.

Secondly, my sleep schedule is backwards. I slept off and on today mainly because I was up all night and I a doozy of a migraine that was set off by a combination of lack of sleep, a down pour of rain, and smells. So now here I sit wide awake at an hour where the elderly, new parents and chronic pain sufferers dare to tread. Could be worse. I could be wide awake and in agony. Of the two I'll take the former.

Canadian destroyed Slovakia 5-0 at the World Cup of Hockey Tournament. Next to get a beating is the Czech Republic on Saturday(11th) at 3:30 Pacific Time on CBC. Go Canada!!!


Pain is no longer pain when it is past.
-Margaret J. Preston



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