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Monday, October 11, 2004

My monitor died. Very nastilly I might add. Sparks everywhere! I knew my monitor was on its way out for the last month or so but I was not expecting this. I had moved my mouse to wake up the monitor. Then an electrical sparking sound. A flash across the screen and sparks flying out the back. I rushed to disconnect it from the remaining power source and my computer(of course, which I still haven't turned off). The image of me running to my balcony with a burning monitor flashed through my head. Almost comical if I wasn't sitting a foot away. But nothing happened, thankfully. So now it's officially DEAD! If the timing wasn't so bad I'd say Good Riddance!

That monitor has been nothing but a pain in the arse. During the first couple of years it had to be repaired at least 3 times. Viewsonic would not replace with the same model. I would only get a 'refurbished one' and couldn't be guaranteed the same model. What was the point of having a warranty? Of course now that the warranty is up it dies. Convient. I don't think I'll buy another Viewsonic again. I mean having a 'bad' monitor happens from time to time. No worries. But having an explosive ending to its life is not what quality monitors should do. It's extremely dangerous. A fire would be a probable ending if Mindy and I weren't around. Don't like to think what have happened if we were out. I am going to write them a letter as well. Doubt it will do any good but what the hell. I am livid about what happened. So I may as well scream at the company resposible.

We spent Thanksgiving weekend running around to Mindy's family and my family's places for dinner. Hopefully I put on a pound or twobut I doubt it. All and all it was good. Though I still feel alienated at family events. I am working on it. Don't really know why I feel like this but that's just the way I am for now. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!




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