Happy Hallow's Eve!

Sunday, October 31, 2004

I hope everyone had fun tonight! I know I didn't:(. My cycle didn't break today. Had a couple attacks this morning, one this afternoon and a couple more(and counting) this evening. I was supposed to head over to my brother's halloween party. Costumes, candy, fireworks. The whole bit. Mike even rented a gladiator costume. That was something I wanted to see! Hope someone took a picture or 2.

How many more outings will I be endured to miss? I have zero social life because of this affliction. Plus I know I won't be believed to why I couldn't make it. "Headaches? Headaches aren't something that should bother you." Granted. Headaches shouldn't. Clusters are a whole new defination of pain.

So far Mindy is about the only one who has any idea of what they do to me. They are days when they frustrate her as well.

Though I did get a chance to watch "SuperSize Me" directed by Morgon Spurlock. I quite enjoyed it. Makes me want to never, ever want to touch McDonalds food again! That place is disgusting! No wonder we have such a fat society. Why is it so hard for people to understand that they need to burn off the calories as well as absorb them to live? Mind you I have been slender all my life so I guess I don't know what it is like not to exercise everyday. Maybe I should go on the McDonalds diets. A good way to gain weight and to give yourself a coronary.




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