Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. The barometer has been going up & down "more than a pair of kangaroos in the mating season."(a quote from my favourite show. Red Dwarf.)Hasn't made things too easier. Pain was worse than normal today. First day of rain. Welcome the Fall lol.

Vancouver is 'messed up' when it comes to its priorities. Lately I have been listening intently to an arguments involving aggressive pan-handling, homelessness, mentally ill on the street with drug addictions. Vancouverites on one hand want to help of the mentally ill who live on the streets with housing, treatment for drug addiction, & medications. It's a great idea. With the mentally ill representing the majority of the homeless. Help is definately needed.

I agree some pan-handlers go far beyond being polite. There needs to be a system setup that has other options rather than putting them in jail or receiving a citation which they can't afford to pay.

This being said a major issues in Vancouver is where to put a treatment center for the mentally ill with drug addictions. They have to be clean for at least 2 months before they can be admitted. It offers 24/7 care but not restraining like a hospital. eg Riverview.

Personally I think this a great idea. Help the homeless off the streets, deal with their addictions(note: drug use is higher in people sufferering from mental illness) & give them structure. But there are a great number of opponets to this. Everyone seems to agree it needs to be done but not in 'their neighbourhood'. What kind of crap is that? First we don't want to see people suffer & yet they can only be helped if they are out of the public eye. Sounds eerily like we are making 'new' Reserves. Not a path that any country should be go down. It is wrong then & still wrong today.

We always want to help people. Yet we don't want them to ask for money on the streets, sleep in doorways or use drugs. All of which should NEVER happen in a 1st world country. Canada has such a horrible 4th world record. It's not right.

I mean over the summer, one part of Vancouver vigorously argued and passed a law against the use of leaf blowers. What the hell? Where are our priorities? Let's use the surplus Mr. Martin brags about & do some good with it. Instead of paying companies for work they never do. A society is judged by the way it treats the weakest member. Scary thought.


There is no wealth but life.
-John Ruskin



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