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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Yesterday Mindy and I had the mother of all fights. Even went to the point of me saying that I want to break, which I don't. I knew as soon as I said it was wrong and not truely how I felt. Truth of the matter is if Mindy hadn't come into my life when she did I would have lost all hope. She accepted me unconditionally, even with these dam headaches. I hope we never fight like that again. I hate it.

Alot of good came out of the discussion we had after we calmed down. I honestly did not realize how much the attacks are affecting her. A cluster attack is an isolationg experience. I'm not aware of my surroundings and at the same time trapped in a body that will not let me escape from the pain. I figured after a year of attacks that I would live and die alone, especially after the second family member kicked me out. Hard to see someone you care about in pain. I feel guilty and depressed with something that I would hope only affects me. Now just how wrong I am. Thankfully, Mindy will be in my life for the foreseeable future and beyond(I hope:)

I love you sweetie!



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