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Thursday, October 21, 2004

I have blog & don't really know what to say. Last few days I have been making mental notes on what I should post. Wouldn't you know it, I go completely blank as soon as I am confronted with the laptop. Next time I am going to sit & write no matter how many times a day I post. Oh well, guess I'll start with about my week.

On the weekend my arms started going numb & had piercing hot fire going down from my neck. It's a problem I have been keeping some what hidden for some reason. Guess the clusters are enough right now. This is becoming scary. I haven't experience anything that scares me like not being able to feel my arms. Bloody strange. The dr seems more worried about it. I am not really concerned with anything to do with my health other than my headaches & my weight but I'll get to that latter. He sent me off with a prescription & told me to get an x-ray "right now". The next day that is what I did:) I know, I know. I should have gone the same day but I had an attack{shrug} Oh well. I doubt the x-ray will show anything. When I hurt my back the disks that were damaged didn't show up & this is probably the same thing or at least similar. Don't know when I would have injuried it though. One of those misterious querks. Have to head back in a couple of days. The dr. was quite insistent that I return in a week so I'll be there with bells:)

Now my weight. They's a 4 letter word coming. I can't gain any! It keeps going the way of the dodo. Every morning I pull my boxers on & every morning they fall off. Couldn't have lost that much weight. Something is definately wrong. I love to eat, even with the pain most days. Hopefully when my stomach starts to feel better I will be able handle food better. Don't know when that will be, better be soon. I want to wreck havoc on my colon with a heavy diet of steak, ribs and hotdogs. Minimize the salads.(sorry dear).

My attacks are as strong as ever. The Fall has arrived so can I do? Besides move to the desert. I to intensity love the rain. Now I see it with contempt because of how the pain spikes greatly. Just want the good ol' days back. I know it will not likely, if ever, happen. Ya, the last few days have been rough.

Guess what! My younger is pregnant(hope she told the people she wanted to before I put this up:) for the second time. Great news I think! Our family is ever growing. The more the merrier. Maybe it's triplets sis :) Congradualations!!




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