A bad cup of coffee

Friday, November 05, 2004

That is always a tell-tale sign the day will suck. Clusters were unrelenting. Lost count how today, and still having. Gawd I want them to stop or the very least ease up in either intensitivy or frequency. I want to go back to enjoy life. Personally I am sick to death of having to worry what will trigger my next attack, usually they come just because I am alive. However, there are things I have to avoid to minimize the hell. Why make matters worse?

I did have my haircut today. I always like doing that for some reason. Actually I know the reason, I'm vain. I like my hair:). And why not, I still have it!

My landlord wants me to remove my car because it is not insured. Amazingly that only took them a year to figure this out. They tend to be a little slow when it comes to getting things done. Hell, we are still waiting for the maintenace to re-cock the bathtub so it stops the mothball smell coming from the apartment below us. I need to find a smell-free environment. The Fall is bad enough but no need to compound the problem unnessarily.

I was/as hoping to finish my paperwork then work on my site this weekend. Unless some sort of miracle happens it doesn't look too promising. The pain is enormous just typing this. In fact, the pain is becoming too much. I need to run.




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