Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I miss my monitor:( Not 2 months prior, I had finally finished most of the major upgrades for my computer. New motherboard, ram, cpu, hard drives. Basically only my old sound card remains. And now I can't use the dam thing except through a ancient 14 inch monitor which has a refresh rate so low I can't even make out my desktop. I have figured a way around that part. I use a live-cd like Knoppix or Whoppix. Least this way I can access my drives if I need to. But forget about using my computer for anything other than typing apps. Mind you, I can't actually see what I am typing. Other than that it works great:) Maybe soon the computer gods will shine a light and get me a monitor or send me the cash for one;)

I spent a typical day fighting clusters. Let's see. I woke up to a very nice massage by my sweetie. I can think of 1 other thing I would rather be woken up by.... Had a shower and BAM!, got dropped to my knees from the pain in the middle of washing my hair. Tried to 'walk it off'(Ya right, like that has ever worked), listened to music to focus on something other than pain. Then of course the demon went away only to want to battle again an hour later. I beat him back for a bit and then headed off to cover my neck and face with ice. Partly to numb to residual pain and partly to prevent swelling(it does happen). During which I fell asleep with exhaustion. Now the day is not over and I still can't sleep because of the pain. Hope the night will be a tad quieter.




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