Thursday, December 02, 2004

Well only a few more weeks till Christmas. Does the holiday season suck the life out of you too? Can there be anything more exhausting than the hustle & bustle of the holiday season? Somehow I don't think the followers of Jesus Christ had this in mind. Commercials running constantly on how we should buy ourselves something expansive because the gifts we get from others sucks. Guessed they missed the section on 'giving to others'. We never hear the excitement of giving anymore. Now it is all about what is wanted & the acquired. Not the thought & seeing someone truly appreciate what presented to them.

Christmas is getting to the point that it has lost all true meaning on the common person. Shouldn't x-mas be about helping? I mean really helping the less fortunate. Here we indulging in tonnes upon tonnes of food & products we won't be using by this time next year & yet we bitch about having to look at the homeless. The best present any society can give is to help the less fortunate. Not just throwing a little bit of change their way. Aid them with seeking help for various detrimental affictions. Help to feel & clothe without giving constant handouts. Maybe tell family & friends you want any gifts given to the Food Bank, the Hospice Society or other local charities. Maybe Canadians can donate to the ailing Health Care system we have. I don't know. I am just sick of the "give me, give me" attitude.

Maybe we should take the "Getting" time of year & turn it back into the "Giving" that was original meant for this celebatory time of year for Christians. Or maybe I am too jaded & cynical.




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