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Monday, December 13, 2004

Got attacked in the movie store today. The guy behind the counter probably thinks I am nuts now. Grabbing my left eye with such urgency like a sniper had found me somehow between the rows of dvds. As usually I dropped to my knees for a time to let my body adapt to the high level of anguish. Thankfully the pain came & went within a few minutes. Nice to have a short attack like that. Surprisingly no attacks followed. Did have a minor seizure. Easily cured by a nap:).

Must have had a doozy of a seizure while I slept last night. Awoke cramped, eyes bloodshot to the pupil and I bit my tongue & lower lip. Probably my 6:30am alarm as it is beginning to be called.

What are we going to do with Michael Jackson? Finally some evidence. In case you didn't know by now. A porn mag with his and a kids fingerprints on it. I can just hear him explain it now "I didn't show him anything! I put the magazines under him so he wouldn't wet my bed. He must have put his fingerprints on it while he was sleeping." Sure Jacko. Let the pay-outs begin!

Ex-Pantera guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott was killed by a psycho gunman blaiming him for the break up of Pantera. Pantera was one of my favourite groups, 'specially through my high school years. I love the riffs. Some newscasters have said in not so many words, he had it coming because of the type of music he played. For being an excellent guitarist gives someone the right to gun him down? What a f&*k up world we live in. Apparently all this guy did was listen to Pantera. A little compulsive behaviour anyone? Must be the music right?{sarcasm} What a nutcase! Thankfully a policeman brought the gunman down before any others were hurt. 4(not 100% if it is 3 or 4) dead is enough. Let's get this straight. We have a guy who has obvious emotion/mental problems and owns a loaded weapon. Not a good combination. Wish his friends/family pushed him to get help. Maybe none of this would have happened. Who knows right? Hindsight is always 20-20.

To understand is to forgive, even oneself.
-Alexander Chase



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