Can a Cluster play nice?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The past week or so I haven’t really talked too much about clusters. Some would see this as a good thing. When I am not in cycle. I usually like to bs in my blog a bit. However, with the coding problems I have been unable to fix and some doozy, you you guess it, clusters. My life has slowed way down. Not that living in the fast lane as of late. More like being stuck behind an old lady who can’t see over the steering wheel in rush hour. Right now my life if being over taken by stationary objects.

My dr. was far from helpful the other day. At this point the only reason I go is for refills. He seems just as interested as I do. Maybe a little less. He was surprisingly distracted, more than the norm for him. After exchanging the usually pleasantries he informed me my next neuro appointment is in 8 months. At that point why bother? My seizures are more frequent and the next approach is currently beyond my gp. Nothing like wasting 8 months of your life for a pill change. Anyways, when the time came to fill me my prescription he did so without asking. I got to thinking he finally remembered after 3 years. However I made a big mistake before leaving his office not to check the prescription. He screwed up. Literally doubled one medicine. Changed one message to the pharmacist to instead of disperse monthly. To give them to me all at once. Personally I like the pharmacy to have as many pills of mine as possible and get them as needed. I would lose them otherwise. Don’t ask how because I have no idea. But the pharmacist recognized the mistake to and changed it accordingly. Sure hope my gp won’t be performing surgery later that day. There is an overdose waiting to happen.


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