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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Do I dare say it? My cycle might be over! A bit of deja vu. Like the jinx in hockey wondering out loud if the goalie of your favourite team will get the shut-out. Never seems to happen once the words have been spoken aloud. Murphy's Law I guess.

Let's see. Yesterday was horrible. Not only did the beast(an affectionate name for clusters) slice me in two but I forgot, due to being unconsious, to take the pill which helps lower my blood pressure and keep me sane during this whole ordeal. The throbbing got to the point it blocked out any other sounds. Mind you, Mindy thinks I'm going deaf anyways. May as well have a reason for it:)

So I got the double whamming and survived. More of you can probably relate to having a migraine or a serious tension-type headache. Two headaches is not as uncommon as it may sound with clusterheads. One headache brings another, snowballing over and over. Sometimes we have to hope the cycle will end to have the headache leave. Or if the headache is do to hunger or dehydration that must be taken care of. How many of us want to eat when we are sick or sore? However, forcing oneself is the only way to get better. Sure is better than going to a noisy ER for an IV and dr.(s) who won't believe you and insist on doing treatment with meds you know don't work. Yes, I have had a bad experience or two. I'm not going to go there right now. Too tired.

Anyways, after the throbbing became unbearable I took my bedtime meds(yes I remembered this time) and heading off to our bed where Mindy already warmed it up for me. She sure is a good foot warmer ;) (inside joke) Too bad she was asleep. We have completely different sleep schedules. The downside with my cold hands I'm not aloud to cuddle:( No matter how warm I get them within minutes they 'ice up'. Didn't take very long to fall asleep. Must have been pretty worn out. The best part of the day was I woke up 4 hours later feeling... NOTHING! That is all I ever want. No pain. 9 hours later and still nothing. Tired but not sore. Now do I stay up the rest of the day to enjoy the beasts departure or go lay down and truly recover(deep sleep is non-existant when pain is too high)? The major hesitation is napping can trigger a cycle. However if I don't regain some energy back the next cycle will be 10 times worse. I think I answered my own question. Off to bed I go...


If you're in a bad situation, don't worry it'll change. If you're in a good situation, don't worry it'll change.
-John A. Simone, Sr.



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