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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

This cycle does not want to end. For some reason I thought it had been going on just over a week now. Mindy reminded me this one started when we came back from our x-mas trip. So that was the 27th and today is the 11th of January...16 bloody days. I am incredibly wiped out. Today brought with it 7-8 attacks. Times that by 16. May as well be dead at this point. Plus there seems to be added 'pressure' in this cycle. The last few days I have been feeling like my eye is going to explode, which is normal. But the top of my skull feels the same way. Also I burst a few blood vessels in my 'cluster eye'. Now theres this big blood spot on the outer corner. That's a new one.

Two extremes for me now. Hot and cold. I have 4 ice packs I use interchangeably, now with the frequency of this round they don't get cold enough:( Right now I live in the bath. That used to help prevent attacks for me. Now I am beginning to think it is habit. However, if hot water stops one attack it is worth it for me.


There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief
- Aurelius



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