ForeShadowing the Shadows

Friday, January 07, 2005

Maybe I am the only one who get these. Sometimes seeing a food, thinking of a smell or just plain old mentioning an environment; a pre-shadow shadow takes place. That wasn't a stutter:). For those of you who don't know. A shadow to a clusterhead is a cluster at its mildest. A feeling to let clusterheads know the pain will strike at any second. Tends to causes more apprehension than pain usually. Sort of like knowing you will have a scolding corkscrew twisted into one of your eyes repeatedly several hours a day for the new couple of weeks(or longer!). You can see the corkscrew, even feel the heat from it. But no real pain just yet.

Sometimes when buying certain food I suddenly become grumpy. If I don't know a particular instance which triggers a cluster cycle that is. I try to give something a couple of strikes for verifications sake. The other day I bought these reddish sour jelly candies. Now I should know by now that red dye is a problem trigger for me. Now being stubborn I have to try it out. However, even smelling them I could feel the foreshadowing coming. Listen to your body. As soon as I consumed a couple of them, Hello mr. cluster! One of these day he should realize he isn't welcome in my home.

This happens with most things. Thinking about visiting someone who smokes indoors, listening to music with heavy bass, really bright lights, food with msg etc... I find I even wince now. A good defence mechanism my body has set up. Now I just need to listen to it on a regular basis.

I picked up a great book the other day. Even bought it for dirt cheap. $4.50! It is one I have been wanted for ages, 'Gray's Anatomy'. Very thick medical text book. I love technical books! I'm a little strange in that department. I prefer knowledge to fiction. 90% plus of the books are technical. Haven't had an interest in fiction in years. I think I stopped reading fiction in high school sometime. Not really sure when my interest changed. But getting into a fiction story is next to impossible for me now. Oh well, live and learn as the saying goes.

The invention of IQ does a great disservice to creativity in education.
-Joel Hildebrand



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