Monday, January 03, 2005

Time. Something in our fast-past society we never have enough of. To a cluster sufferer, time stands still during an attack. 30 minutes may as well an eternity. The victim is both emotionally & physically spent from the whole ordeal. An ordeal no one else can see. No matter how excruciating the experience; we are alone. No one can help us. Even the ones with the best of intentions are shunned away from us. What can our loved one do for us? Understand during an attack we are better left to fight our own battle.

Some of us keep quiet. Others pace & curse till they are hoarse in the throat. Some even try to hide it as best they can; though they can be quick to temper. Sometimes we say things which hurt others around us. Take nothing personally, we are not mad at you. The beast(the nickname used for clusters) has waged war & there is no going back.

What can you do? Help us recover. Minimize triggers which set the beast off. Listen to us caringly & without judgement. But most of all be there for us & never leave


Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is that little voice at the end of the day that says: "I'll try again tomorrow."
-Anne Hunninghake



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*Please do not use this information for self diagnoses. Writing about my experiences with chronic cluster headaches & epilepsy is a good outlet for me. Consult your Dr. with any kind of headache or chronic pain you may have. The 3rd party links on my site I have found to be a good resource to me over the past few years & dearly hope they will benefit you as well.*

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