All Night Long

Thursday, February 10, 2005

So far so good. Here it is the middle of the night and the beast has missed his stop. No clusters! Definately a great feeling to be able to the simple things in life. Like.. um.. I don’t know... SLEEP! I should be taking advantage of painless time to gain some strength back for the next round but a vast number of my days are spent just making myself comfortable during a cluster. SO here I am staying up the night to enjoy my free time. Well‚ not enjoy‚ actually no matter what I’ll be doing in the wee early hours of today I am going to enjoy it!

This time of night is normally reserved for new mothers & their baby‚ the eldery‚ and individuals with chronic pain. Personally I absolutely love this time of night. Everything is quiet and peaceful. No cars‚ no barking dogs‚ no running up and down the halls‚ and I don’t even have to hear water running from the apartments around us. Times like this almost want me to move back to the country. Ok. Not really. Still nice.

One drawback is Mindy and I are on opposite times. We spend very little‚ if any‚ time together as a couple as it is now. The only thing we really do together is watch a film and we can’t agree on movies both of us will enjoy. It is more or less one watches the movie and the other does something else. No quality of any sorts.

The blame for all this is squarely on myself. The strain of a long term illness is increasingly making itself known. There is not a day which goes by where I try to think of ways I can make her happy. Most of the time I fail miserably. The more I try the more at odds with each other we become. I keep hoping we will spend some time together. Though that doesn’t look probably till after she is finished her program and afterwards I have this feeling she will be working alot and have no time for me. We shall see. With all the problems we are having we can only go up.

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.



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