Calm Before the Storm?

Thursday, February 17, 2005

All has been quiet the past few days. Except for the tooth I broke on a Valentines Day candy. I never even noticed when it occurred. Mindy heard a loud crack. The candies were breaking as they were being bitten so that is all I thought it was. Next thing I know I am able to cut my tongue on the new razorblade I now call a tooth. There is one heck of a hole but the pain is dull and mild. An appointment has been made for next week. Hope the remainder of the tooth holds out till then. Wish I could have it repaired sooner but I don't have any way of paying for it.

One bright side of the past week is the cluster headaches are at bay. Whenever there is a lull is the major cycles like this‚ a false sense of hope tricks me into believing that there will be no more attacks. Least for now I have a "true" break. Been so long since I have had one.

Now seizures on the other hand are another story all together. They are coming fast and furious. Not the best timing while supporting a chipped tooth with another one weakening from the constant clenching that makes a seizure so much fun. At least with the clusters down to a minimum I can catch up on some reading about chronic pain. Also I want to figure out my options for a way to bring in some income. Does't need to be big. Just something to do in the rare moments the pain is not blinding.

If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.
-Mohandas Gandhi



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