Saturday, February 05, 2005

Well this is my first post in what seems like ages. Time does’t come to a screeching halt during a cycle. More like agonizing at a turtle’s pace. The intensity of this lastest round has definately left me worse for wear. Somehow I even managed to burst a couple of blood vessels in my ‘cluster eye’. The second time in as many months. Is this normal for a clusterheadache? Seeing blood I can not clean off is always a bit disturbing. Go figure.

Time to do a bit of researching on this. No matter how much I research, ask questions or experience, clusters still manage to surprise me. They are surprises I could do without. Maybe one day I will understand. Just not yet.


Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.
-Auguste Rodin



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Medical terminology can cause confusion at the best of times. If there is a word you do not understand all you have to do is double-click on it and the definition will appear! Don't forget to drop me a line by email at with your comments, questions‚ recommended resources‚ concerns‚ & especially your experiences with clusters. Or come find me on my Facebook Profile to add me as a Friend. Whether you are a supporter‚ care-giver or sufferer. I would love to hear from you!

*Please do not use this information for self diagnoses. Writing about my experiences with chronic cluster headaches & epilepsy is a good outlet for me. Consult your Dr. with any kind of headache or chronic pain you may have. The 3rd party links on my site I have found to be a good resource to me over the past few years & dearly hope they will benefit you as well.*

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