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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A couple of weeks back I received an email from an old classmate I went to high school with. She is organizing the 10 year reunion & is contacting people to find out if they know how to reach othergrads. This got me to realizing one strange fact from someone who had a group of friends who promised we were “never going to stop being friends or lose contact”. Well‚ I lost contact with literally everyone & could only find 3 possible email addresses for her. Who would have thought high school promises don‘t work out? Kind of like promising your “first time” girlfriend that you‘ll always be together. Or maybe that is just me.

Anyways‚ this got me to recalling some of the so called good times. Personally I think high school sucked! Most of the good times in high school were never spent at the school. Not unless I count that one time... Nevermind. A tad off topic. Let‘s see. Sports. Drinking. Women. Sex. Unlimitless parties. Probably why it took me a little longer to graduate.

The bad times really fade anyway. I had a hard time recalling disagreements‚ apprehension to anything‚ sadness‚ or problems I cause. Maybe the drinking had something to do with it. Explains why I don‘t touch the stuff anymore. I know I wasn‘t the best student. But I was far from the the worst.

I wanted to write more but it is that time of day and the devil is right on schedule. Maybe I'll add a continuation to this post after the pain eases up enough. Cheerio for now.

Literature is mostly about having sex & not much about having children. Life is the other way round
-David Lodge



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