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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The beast is still going strong. 5 attacks(seems to be my magic number as of late) today alone. Not only did I sleep in but every attack afterwards was enough to make me passout for awhile longer. Any rest in the past month in attributed soley to exhaustion. The days of pre-help come to mind during times like this.

I remember the first night where I had some relief. It wasn’t so much from the pain but being able to sleep more than 15 minutes at a time. Except for the fact I was in hospital the night came and went like never before. The sleep was drug induced. Not in a barbituate sort of way. The medication which allowed me to dream again. Zopiclone.

My body had been fighting the pain for so long up to this point without any aid causing depletions of serotonin and endorphins used to combat injury. However when pain is long term the body can run out so to speak if no time is given to replentish. And boy did it need replenshing. If something wasn’t done very quickly I would have snapped and taken a permanent nap. Not because of depression but just to escape the intensity of the pain.

That first week I slept like a rock. In the months preceding this I could rarely sleep. Being woken up or too sleep was a daily repeat event. This past month long cycle is feeling like the old days again. Not an experience I want to go through ever again. Guess the trick is not to wait till your at the brink.

Since then sleeping aids are rarely needed. I save them for the worst cycles. Like this one. Taking any sort of medication is horrible with all the side effects. But they are sometimes a necessity as long as they are used responsibly and most important under the care of a doctor.

Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing.
-Oscar Wilde



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