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Friday, April 08, 2005

Yesterday I went to my first dentist appointment since before having the diagnoses of cluster headaches and epilispy. Needless to say it has been more than a couple of months. Not surprisely my teeth have under gone some damage since my last visit. I will not be in need of a root canal or anything of overly painful sort. Most of the problems are thanks to my seizures and clenching my mouth tight through a cluster bout. A couple of teeth have cracked. As luck would have it all the damage is repairable. One extra piece of hardware I am in need of is a lower mouth guard to prevent future cracks. I think I can live with that.

The staff was excellent. First dentist appointment where I went in with a smile and came out with one as well. During the checkout the dentist was testing the pain level where I might need a filling with her little 'air gun'. I do know I have at least one tooth which is quite sore by the way my mouth reacts in one particular area even if I do not feel any pain normally associated with a sore tooth. Sure did not make her job any easier. I am almost eager for my next appointment despite the involvement of needles. The way I see the whole thing now is that cluster headaches are far, far worse. If I can deal with them, then a couple of fillings will be easy street.

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