Beautiful to Gloomy Continued

Monday, April 04, 2005

I do not understand why I leave this till right before bed. When my eyes ache and the heaviness of my eyelids is over powering. Guess it is because this time of night is peaceful. Anyways bad to drugs and dr.s. Again this is observations made through my personal experience.

My gp is quite well respected around town from what I have heard from other patients as well as other doctors. However they seem to have the same complaint I do. It seems to be a rare day when a patient leave his office with out a prescription for something in hand. Even for a flu or cold he will open the prescription pad for 10 day dose of antibiotics.

Over the years when seeing other doctors for a variety of ailments I can almost tell as soon as I check in for the appointment whether I will be asked to fill a prescription. One rule of thumb I use now to be aware of my dr.s intentions when prescribing a medication is to before hand while sitting in the waiting room or the exam room is to count how many 'promotions' for medications there are. They may be in the form of posters, pamplets, models or a company logo in plain view which may or may not promote their latest creation. Anything will a medication or company logo counts. A dr. I have seen for years has well over a dozen in the exam room alone. Once in awhile he can be heard on the phone talking to a sales rep regarding a promotional barbeque or dinner. Horrible to think someone, somewhere is making money off a drug a patient does not need.

I can talk forever on this. However the my lids are heavy and the ache is too much. Good Night.

Everyone wishes to have truth on his side, but not everyone wishes to be on the side of truth
-Richard Whately



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