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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Today was some what ordinary. Woke up to a beautifully bright and clear sky. The bird were chirping. The squirrels raced around burying their latest find. Our cat was eager to be outside to enjoy the birds as well. She likes to chase them. Too bad she is slower than molasses in January. I even put the bait, uh, food for the birds closer to her just so she would have a chance. Don't worry she does not have claws and is not the killer type. Even ants outwit her.

Early this afternoon I dragged Mindy off to my monthly dr. appointment. Unfortunately my regular gp was on vacation yet again. I ended up seeing someone else in his office. Beats going to a walk-in where they do not know you. Nothing too exciting happened. We did start to talk about meds. Mainly what will be coming to market for chronic pain sufferers. He told me he needs to talk to the 'representitve' of the drug manufacturer to know more. Does that scare anyone else? A salesman is the doctors primary source of information before they hand over the prescription to the patient. When someone has a job to make money, in this case millions+, off a product odds they will tell them whatever they can to get the sale. I know I am generalizing but more patients need to questions their dr.s motives behind prescribing certain drugs. If I wasn't so tired I would go more into this. Hopefully I will get a chance to tomorrow. Till then, I need some shut eye.




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