My Weekend

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My weekend went buy quite well for the most part. On Saturday I made the long drive out to Mission to aid my sister move into her first house. Quite beautiful place. A place I would consider purchasing. 3 bedrooms. 1 bathroom. Perfect for their needs. Very cozy. A huge balcony. Hot tub. Decent size yard for my nephew to play in. He refers to the house as his ‘big home’. The idea of changing living quarters did not appeal to him. Though he was amazingly well behaved considering all the excitement and stress he faced.

The routine drive went past unnoticed till about 20 minutes from my destination. Would you be surprise if I told you a cluster hit me in an area where pulling off to the side was not an option? Of course not. Thankfully it ONLY lasted an hour. The disorientation still lingered after I arrived but I could sill hold a conversation except my recollection of them is next to none. The devil was off and on enough throughout the day to be bothersome but yet not enough to slow me down.

However‚ my nephew was very excited to see me. Sure wish I could see him more. Almost makes me want to have another...almost but not quite yet. Him and I goofed off for a bit. However I started to realize my sister needed a lot of help cleaning her basement suite. To be honest I do not think a deep clean has ever been done. My sister (who should not have been around all the chemical due to her pregnancy) ‚ my mom and myself scrubbed the whole place from ceiling to floor. The fumes were horrendous! My chest and back broke out in a huge rash. Sort of looked like a mild sun burn except it was complicated with blemishes. I was very surprised that I did not enter into an uncontrollable cycle right then and there. That does not mean I have not entered into one. Basically I have done nothing but rest and wake up covered in sweat, with the ice packs pressed tightly to my eye. The change from cloudless 25 Celsius degree weather to dark‚ cold rain has not helped make matters any easier.

With my sister moved into her new house and my brother purchasing his second home makes me almost want my own place. Here I am the oldest by several years and still have no place of my own. I wonder if I ever will at this rate. Right now concentrating on finding a new apartment is in our future at the moment. After that Mindy and I can take it from there. Despite being the last one to find a home I am quite proud of both of them.

If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.
-Les Brown



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