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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Now normally I could care less what CNN has to say but they are carrying a story titled "Third of study results don't hold up". The abstract can be found on JAMA. Now maybe I am the only who think this is not in the least bit surprising. The study has almost the same "Duh!" effect as this story about how changes in weather can cause increased migraines. I realize it is not a study. But geez, Migrainers have been saying this for years! Maybe next they will do an article telling us fire is hot. Or inform us that the Earth is not flat but an ellipse. The absurdity of some news stories. Have to admit is was good for a laugh though. I have a weird sense of humour.

Realistically. how many truly independent studies are there? They are funded by drug manufacturers is hopes of making millions. researchers are pressured with losing their grants so to help a medication look better than it really works may be a small price to pay, and so on. The conflict of interest seems to be never ending. Somebody, somewhere is probably doing a study of that.

On the other side medications, take such a long time to come to market. Canada seems to be about 2-3 years behind the U.S. in this area. The politicians here like to take a wait and see approach. If there are not too many major side-effects, lawsuits or most importantly political backlash then our government will start to allow manufacturers to conduct trials. In the mean time ailments linger with no real progress. If I remember the statistic properly, please feel free to correct me, something like 80-85% of all medications do NOT help to get rid of the ailment but rather help the symptoms. If you are a North American, Don't get sick!

More than anything I would like to see governments, manufacturers, researchers, and heath practitioners work together and put the patient first for the sake of a healthier society. This could only benefit everyone.

Welcome Kerriex from her site the The Daily Headache. Ever heard of a more fitting title? Head on over and say hi to another chronic sufferer. There are more of us than people want to realize.

The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those
who have not got it.

-George Bernard Shaw



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