Recurring Nightmare

Monday, July 25, 2005

Since the beginning cluster headaches are, like a lot of sufferers, worse in the Fall and Winter months. Normally the summer is a time I really look forward too. Not just for the warm weather or the outdoor events but for the anticipation of the clusters relaxing to a more manageable level. However, for some odd reason this year if different. Even with the stable, warm weather my clusters are coming just as often and arguably more intense for this time of year. Plus the really odd part is my sleep cycle has flip. I cannot seem to get back to a normal sleep pattern.

The bonus is, the quiet of night is something look forward too. Maybe I am just afraid to dream. Lately nightmares are all their are to look forward too once my head hits the pillow. The same one over and over. I am in prisoner. Not sure for what. There was no arrest or trial. Just solid concrete and bars with mean individuals who want to cause me pain. Most likely this is my minds way of putting cluster headaches into perspective. At least if I was in prison I could look forward to getting out.

BTW I found a great new site, Has more than a few diagrams you might be interested in,

Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you.
-Marsha Norman



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