She Did It!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

After 2 years of 8? class semesters. Zero social life. Strained relationships and living below the poverty line with a cluster-ridden boyfriend. She has GRADUATED with a diploma from BCIT! She has added this on top of a degree. Smart lady!

This happened a couple of weeks ago but I have been far to lazy to write anything as of late. Since it has been ages from the post I may make this rather long or not depending how long I can thwart of this cluster. They have been such a pain(no pun meant) lately. For almost 3 weeks there were ZERO attacks. I guess this technically takes me out of the 'chronic' list. Only aloud about 14 days a year without to be considered chronic. Not a very prestigious title or even one to better describe it. Hell comes instantly to mind. For awhile there I thought a change to episodic or stopping altogether was in the cards. The break could be well used. Mindy noticed a complete change in personality. Funny how lack of pain does that to a person.

But I can't hold out any longer. This little blurb has taken almost a hour to write. No I don't type that slow☺ Just sore and tired is all. Here is a picture of Mindy and myself after her graduation ceremony.

Mindy and I



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