Summer and Fentanyl

Monday, July 18, 2005

Yesterday was beautiful. The bluest of blue skies. No clouds to be seen. No smog hanging over head (thankfully that get blown eastwards) and huge glowing ball of fire overhead. Mindy and I were to head to the beach to add a change colour to my computer-geek-white skin. Of course around 1 o'clock an exceptionally painful cycle started varying from a Kip 7 to Kip 10 in strength (For those whose do not know what the Kip Scale is headache click on the link to the right for From there click on the link for the Kip Scale). Dam it all to hell, stable, warm air and sunshine normally makes my clusters less in intensity. Not yesterday apparently. Ever 90 minutes or so after the last bout ending another would start up. Finally ending(?) around 4 this morning. What a waste of a day! The added guilt of disappointing Mindy never helps either, Someday, Somehow, I will make it up to her,

Here is something of note for all those using the Duragesic patch to control pain. The FDA is running an investigation due to 120 deaths seemingly associated the drug Fentanyl. Most of the deaths it would seem are from either abuse or misuse of this powerful opioid. Each box of patches contain a lengthy insert outlining side-effects, cautions, how to apply and so on. Do not just throw this out. Read it first!

Here is some information about fentanyl. The FDA's official statement.

I can please only one person per day.
Today is not your day.
Tomorrow's not looking good either.




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