Coping with Chronic Illness

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Learning how to cope with a chronic illness is by far one of the hardest dilemmas someone can go through in their life. Yes, I said dilemma. As in a choice. Because when we are ready we have to accept whatever the illness or disorder maybe it will be part of our life for the fore-seeable future. If we do not choose to deal it then it will eat away until it becomes fatal. Maybe not right away but bit by bit the person we were prior it will no longer be recognizable. regardless of the nature of the illness. There is a great link titled just "Coping with Chronic Illness". Adapted from the book 'After The Diagnosis' by Dr. JoAnn LeMaistre. Well worth the read. This could have saved me from a lot of turmoil. Just to know what I felt was normal could have made all the difference in the world. Later this week I think I will head down to the local library to check out the rest of the book.

Also a Imitrex tablets with RT Technology have been found to absorb 6 times faster than regular tablets. Check out the news release here. I can't see this being overly beneficial for clusters but would surely help the migraine community.

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*Please do not use this information for self diagnoses. Writing about my experiences with chronic cluster headaches & epilepsy is a good outlet for me. Consult your Dr. with any kind of headache or chronic pain you may have. The 3rd party links on my site I have found to be a good resource to me over the past few years & dearly hope they will benefit you as well.*

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