The Fun of an EEG

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sorry I have not posted in such a long time. The normal excuse of pain and seizures apply. Speaking of which, yesterday I went in for another EEG. This time the technician had orders to try and induce a seizure. She had little luck with that but succeeded with triggering a doozy of a cluster.

She was pleasant, looked a bit on the tired side. She motioned me to an uncomfortable looking gurny. There she covered me with a blanket and then started to paste (and I do mean paste, as in glue) numerous connectors to my head. For anyone who has not had an EEG done , it is a dull experience assuming they are not trying to induce you. I laid there while following instructions to open and close my eyes, breathe deep through my nose and out through the mouth almost to the point of passing out, close my eyes to have a light, kind of like a strobe, which she turned on inches from my face, she made various noises and the worst of all sticking a cotton ball of gawd knows what under my nose. That is what cause my cluster. Of course to make such she did it twice. Just to be on the safe side I guess. Maybe the first attack was a freak occurrence or something.

The whole process took about roughly 45 minutes. When the EEG was all finish I went straight home and right to bed. 18 hours of sleep later I emerged from the bedroom still feeling the effects. Only the past couple of hours have been good to me. This evening has been spent divided between working on my blog trying to get a few articles completed so a do not have such a break between posts and tweaking my Linux server for voicemail. I hope to be back posting on a regular basis from now on. Knock on wood.


Chaos can be bad,
but order can be worse

- Unknown



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